SHarc (Sheffield Hallam Architecture Society) was founded in June 2011, born out of a desire to empower the student body, provide new opportunities and activities relating to sustainable architecture and to bring together students across the years, courses and the broader academic and professional community. Since its creation the society has grown from a small core of motivated individuals to an elected core committee and 3 supporting committees, from an initial membership of 60 to 160 and winning the Union prizes for Best New Society 2012 and Outstanding Society of the Year 2013.

Guest Lecture Series

Every Semester SHarc organise a guest lecture series. Inviting Architects to come and talk about exciting new projects from around the country, broadening students understanding of architecture. 


Whilst we work hard, we know how important it is it to let our hair down once in a while. Every other Thursday we have a society social with a range of exciting themes at different venues across the city!

SHarc Shop

Studying Architecture can  require a lot of extra materials and tools, so we have a society run shop to buy and sell materials and equipment at the lowest possible price for students. You are now able to order your equipment and materials online too!